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About Bruxie Gourmet Waffle Sandwiches

In 1999, while traveling in Belgium on business, Dean was fascinated with the local farmers markets and street vendors, in particular, the homemade waffles prepared to order. In 2006 after developing the waffle recipe, reminiscent of the Brussels street food experience, “Brux Waffles” was born. Over the next several years, Brux Waffles sold product to some of America’s finest hotels and cruise ships. In 2009, Chef Kelly Mullarney was hired as a consultant to Brux Waffles in hopes of expanding sales to multi-unit food service operations and developing recipes that utilized waffles outside the traditional “breakfast only” mindset. During the collaboration between Dean and Kelly, the idea of making this waffle an all-day offering was created. While traveling in Asia, Kelly experienced dessert-style sweets that were offered by street vendors similar to what was observed in Belgium. Because of the unique characteristics of the Brux Waffle, Dean and Kelly began pairing up a wide variety of sweet and savory combinations. The waffle was made thinner, and then folded to make it portable… Bruxie, a.k.a. “The Bold Fold,” was born!

In French, Brussels is spelled “Bruxelles”; so Brux comes from the French spelling. Belgie is a Flemish term for Belgium and also used as a slang term for a waffle. We combined the “Brux” with the “ie” from a Belgie and incorporated the umlaut (two dots over the “e” from German, which is also common language in Belgium) and the dot for the “i” (English artistic license) and we came up with Bruxie. The color of the three dots represent the colors of the flag of Belgium.