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Our first location

In historic Old Towne Orange in November 2010...that is where it all began..

What is a bruxie?

Bruxie is a new take on The Sandwich, using a creative version of an authentic Belgian Waffle as the bread. The waffle is light, airy, crispy, and not sweet. Bruxie Waffles are paired with quality seasonal ingredients, offering both Savory choices like Buttermilk Fried Chicken, Prosciutto & Gruyere, and Hot Pastrami, as well as a variety of Sweet options such as our Seasonal Creme Brulee, Nutella & Banana and S'Mores. It's great for breakfast, lunch, dinner, mid-day snack as well as dessert or a late night treat.


Long time friends and professional chefs... Together they created a Belgium Waffle as an all-day offering, utilizing this specialty outside of the traditional "breakfast only" mind-set. They paired up savory and sweet combinations, and "The Bold Fold" was born!

Our Brussels Waffle... the freshly baked platform for Bruxie sandwiches are light, airy, crispy, and not sweet. Our yeast risen waffles are reminiscent of warm toasty bread. Weighing in at just three ounces and approximately 250 calories... why settle for two slices of bread? The perfect pairing for our scratch made savory and sweet ingredients... also available traditional style and served with 100% pure Vermont Maple Syrup.

The Liege Waffle... the most popular waffle in Belgium, a breakfast, dessert or anything sweet can be found at farmers markets, train stations and on the streets. The slightly sweet dough is studded with Belgian Nibs Sugar that carmelizes when baked. Baked fresh to order and enjoyed plain with a cup of coffee, and for the chocolate lovers we offer this decadence filled with Belgian Chocolate. For an over the top experience we pair it with our creamy Wisconsin Frozen Custard creating a sundae feast that requires a fork, knife and spoon!

The Bold Blend

Our Custom Crafted Coffee is blended from 100% fair trade beans and small batch roasted,creating a truly desitinctive,bold flavor.Enjoy The Bold Blend freshly brewed or in any of our barista-crafted specialty drinks.

Wisconsin Frozen Custard

* Egg enriched & Super Creamy
* Withstand the Test of Gravity!
* Slow Churn = Less Air = More Creamy Goodness
* Featured in Our Shakes & Floats...


Bruxie serves Old Fashioned Pure Cane Sugar Sodas. Our sodas are locally crafted by artisans who use pure cane sugar and have been specifically produced for Bruxie. The Diet is made with Splenda. No high fructose corn syrup here! And all of our sodas are caffeine-free with the exception of all the Colas.